BBC Iplayer - tracking Cookie does what when signed in?


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Here's what I know.

Could someone (UK who has access to the iplayer and has signed up for an account) take a look at that the BBC iplayer cookie is accessing and tracking on site and off site across tabs etc, whilst playing a program catch up and live stream, and also radio.

And then write a custom script/filter to block everything bar the actual login. And remembering the place in a programs time line if page refresh is needed, thats a handy feature. This is beyond my skills. But I'm betting they are trying to gather all sorts of data once your logged in.

They must be up to no good once your logged in, and I would like it all blocked, except just allowing the login and remembering the time line position.

This will be an ongoing thing I'm guessing, as only today have the TV side now forced a sign in for me using Opera for TV and radio. I'm betting they will be adjusting what data they collate and track etc over the coming weeks and months.

I have a TV licence but I do not want to be tracked or what ever by the BBC once signed in. I hate having this forced upon me.

Can someone please help.

I usually just start from here:
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