Best Anti-Virus w/ AdGuard = ? Avast? Bitdefender? ESET? Kaspersky? or...


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Can anyone recommend the best combination of Anti-Virus (not overloaded 'wanky' internet security packages) to work alongside AdGuard? Any A/V solution that covers AV, Malware, etc.

For example: Little or no conflict on web filtering? No duplication or triplication of filtering? No negative impact on system? Minimal footprint? and so on...

I see Kaspersky has slipped back in the most recent tests, so it leaves Avast, Bitdefender and ESET (in no particular order) as the most obvious options.

Can anyone recommend the *best* combination they have setup and configured, of ANY anti-virus and AdGuard?

I have not used any Anti-Virus for 8-10 years. I still set it up and configure for clients and businesses, however have no idea on the 2018 recommendations. I download plenty of foreign files and never have issues.
I do use "WFC - Windows Firewall Control" for improving the Windows Firewall. I usually use Sandboxie for suspicious file execution. Using logic plus Yandex browser built-in verification/warning, plus all email is filtered by mail servers these days (3rd party free services and business services). :D

Thanks! Appreciate all feedback.


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I find Malwarebytes is becoming very resource-intensive, heavy and sluggish. I have given up on MBAM.
Hitman Pro was excellent, but from memory I had to run it manually. I used it in my toolkits for disinfection along with non-installed/portable scanners.
Webroot - have not tried them. I did use an optimisation program a long time ago, but will check them out.

Thanks @Tungsten3

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I find Windows Defender is sufficient enough these days. Plus there's no issues with AdGuard for Windows.


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I use v1 of mbam rather v2 or 3.

Hitmanpro is registered and set to run at a specific time and then exit so no resource usage after its daily scan. :)
The ultimate in resource frugality.

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Kaspersky's free option offers a hell of a lot; the Network Attack Blocker and System Watcher are of particular interest. Granted, you can't disable modules within the app, but for no cost, it's hard to beat. Also, it's difficult to argue with Kaspersky's reputation. I've used it alongside AdGuard for Windows with zero issues.


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Thank you for your feedback and thoughts.

ESET certainly has the lowest footprint. However there is no recovery environment. Must create bootable USB or CD.
Just found ESET Anti-Virus v11 and v12 licence key expiring 2028 for $$8 to 14 on Ebay! :eek: o_O

Kaspersky just annoys me with such silly descriptions of features...
Performance - Protects – without slowing you down
Simplicity - Simplifies security – to save you time and hassle
PC, Mac & mobile - Secures your devices – in any combination
Privacy - Helps you keep your private life… private

Avira (link)
Has far more comprehensive description of features.
My concern is regarding multiple apps conflicting to perform the same job. Cannot afford to screw clients over and if I am going to be using the A/V (finally) then I would want to be recommending it too.
Why does it say they have "AdGuard" integrated??
Blocks annoying ads and pop-ups while you surf
Have you thought about a remotely managed system to deploy settings, exclusions, filters, custom/user filters, etc. Plus prevent client PCs from disabling protection.