best method with root on Pixel - having issues need your expertise


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So, I've already moved the HTTPS cert to the root directory via magisk module so it's not considered a personal https cert any longer. I kept getting ~55+ notifications a day from adaway saying x, y , z apps didnt' support the certificate, so I turned off notifications for "Other" from adaway. It was annoying. Not sure why I even got those notifications esp. once I put the cert in the system CA directory instead of personal CA's.
I am using local proxy mode which requires root.
Just bought the forever license.
I'm running latest version of OS on Pixel 6 Pro.
HOWEVER, now I'm reading that it may be better to do VPN mode since certain apps will still fail in some way with regards to HTTPS? I also turned off the 50+ notifications I get from adaway saying that various apps won't accept the certificate -- even though it's moved to system certificates!
So, with Pixel 6 Pro's power, fully rooted with Magisk module as described (even google pay works), is VPN the best method, or is local proxy via root?
I also use PIA sometimes for VPN, and I am a google-phile, and I have a LOT of nest/google router stuff at home, so I need to be able to cast and do things too...
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