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I was very happy when Adguard started to implement WOT into its software, but a few things made me use WOT extension along with the Web Filter:
For Web Filter:
1. Display WOT icons in the search engine. I know this might not be possible, but if you can, try to, because even if Adguard blocks it, it might put out some nasties before it goes through the DNS (implementing auto-download at DNS lookup level). I'm not sure if this is possible, but it sure will be in the future!

2. Optionally enable blocking/warning of sites that have been flagged as red in WOT. In WOT, the blocking is horrible and increases page load time, so it can block before the page fully loads. Warning doesn't, but it still lets the site load. Adguard, overall, can implement a softer warning for bad WOT-rated sites that offers an in-sight option for loading page. It can also decrease the load time. What I think about WOT increasing time load is because it is not an application, but an extension. Adguard can even improve WOT by doing this!

For Browsing Extension
1. It's not convenient to use the "View Site Report" option on every site you go to. I would recommend changing the extension icon color based on WOT rating. For example, change the icon to red when you are visiting a potentially dangerous site based on WOT. I would also warn users about bad-rated sites.

Thanks for considering my feedback! Still using Adguard, since November 2013! I've heard that your feedback consideration is awesome:cool:


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Thank you for these feature requests! I am not sure we can implement all of them though.

1. Display WOT icons in the search engine

We have some restrictions due to our agreement with WOT.
And displaying WOT icons is not part of it:(

2. Blocking sites

Could you please tell me more details on your vision of this feature?
Are you talking about blocking page load for "red" sites?

3. Extension icon color

We cannot use WOT data in extension. The problem is that in that case Adguard become WOT competitor.
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