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Not reproduced in Edge after restarting AdGuard for Windows protection (before cookie message was shown for me). Please check @Alex-302


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I'm running everything on default + WFP-driver, filters and extensions as mentioned in my signature (and no stealth mode).

Checked on Win 10 1903 running latest official Adguard release (tested in Edge and Firefox), and on Win 7 running latest Beta (tested only in Firefox)

Strange that you are not able to reproduce at all. I just cleared all browser cookies to make fresh start, having Adguard enabled, then did nothing else than going to bing.com and type in "Samsung" in search box and ENTER.
Getting instantly Samsung handy ads on top and bottom. Sometimes (but very rare) not on first try, but when I open second page of results for example.

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It's probably related to geolocation. I can't reproduce it either using the US Bing website.


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Ok... after todays Adguard update to 7.1.2817 and filter updates I cannot reproduce it anymore. Don't know if its just a coincidence or if you changed something ;)