BitDefender and AdGuard heavily conflicting


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The current BitDefender Total Security 2019 and AdGuard are heavily conflicting:
• AdGuard is not working at all (greyed out – see screenshots) and Firefox (not network access) is blocked.
I was using BitDefender and AdGuard for many months without issues, it all started with the new update of BitDefender on 06/04/2019.

My system:
  • Win 7 64bit, all updates done
  • BitDefender Total Security 2019: Build
  • AdGuard: 7.1 (older versions are also not working with the new BitDefender build)

BitDefender setup:
  • All security functions disabled
  • 'c:\program files (x86)\adguard' + 'c:\programdata\adguard' added to exceptions


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Hello there!
Developers already work with your issue.
Could you help them solve the problem? Please, setup Logging level at General Settings to "Debug".
Reproduce the problem collect logs and send me to PM.