Blank Spaces

In the attached screen shot, there is an obvious blank space where an ad would be. I'm glad that the ad was blocked. Is there a way for Ad Guard to eliminate these blank spaces automatically across all websites?8942130A-E228-4CB3-B419-2F9AE471ED8F.png

Pan‘s Dance

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I am not a programmer but i believe the answer is no : the background is a seperate ‘canvas’, just like the text, images and also ad’s. Ad’s are like windows to the advertiser. Adguard can recognise these ad windows and block them from loading on your device, but altering the whole background aka canvas of the website you are visiting (resolution, positioning of images and text within the surface etc) would require a whole new system of scripts which would use much more computing power and battery. I guess it is simply not worth it and much more complicated then simply blocking a thing and leaving the rest as it is.