Adblock - Overlays are no longer displayed.


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I'm playing lol and I have the tool open on my second screen.
Unfortunately, Blitz shows ads that bother me while playing.
I was able to successfully block the advertising from other threads here in the forum.

Settings --> Network --> List of filtered applications --> C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Programs\Blitz and then add the Blitz.exe.

So far so good the annoying advertising was blocked, but unfortunately a problem turned out to be when I started the next lol round.
My ingame overlays (Skill Order and Timmer) were then no longer visible ingame.
It seems that this is also blocked by the ad blocker.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to fix the problem through other threads in the forum.
I would be very grateful if someone has a few tips that can lead me on the right path.

Many Thanks.

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Could you please write on your issue in detail, namely, were you able to get your timers\skills icons\ skill's order back to you, let say, after game\software rebooting?
What if you exclude LOL from AdGuard filtering at AdGuard>Settings>General>Advanced>Exclude app from filtering by entering the full path> aplly path to LOL.exe file, while software\addon remains in HTTPS filtering protection.

Let me know your results.