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Hello , can you add a feature that allows you to specifically block a script in a site ex :
<script> the script </script
Thank you

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Yeah, that will be nice.
It might be similar to my request: it is possible to add a feature which you can select third part domains which you want to block on a domain?
for example: you visit the site: on this site there are embedded youtube videos from now i don't want to see the YouTube videos, but only on On other sites i want to see the YouTube videos.

I hope, i have describe my request clearly.


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@Acestone feature already exist.$$script[tag-content="partial content of script"][max-length="20000"]

Just open filtering log, press on the entry -> block. Rule should look like this then:

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Thank you man.
But it is possible to make it more comfortable for example over the context menu or something like that?
You can look how ublock origin manage this, if you enable the "advanced options"
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Thanks again.
But i dont want to make an extra account to post this und my english is not the best, so i become problems to describe exactly what i want. Thats a pitty.