block all google traffic


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I want to block all traffic to google etc. with wildcards.

Problem is - Even though I'm using such filters - the DNS log writes a different story.

How could this be solved? Syntax?

Thanks in advance


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The observed behaviour is with AdGuard Win 7.3.
Tested with Firefox/Chrome/Chromium - all vanilla for testing purpose


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In general you can use this mask:
or dangerous rule


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Thanks for the answer.

I was not able to recreate the behaviour of the dangerous rule, but maybe due to wrong syntax?:

Nevertheless free wildcards work. That's enough for my testing:
But that also means blocking this thread because the URL contains "google".
That's why that is not an option for the productive usage.

Actually - further digging into the problem. I found that solving multiple later occuring requests to other parties e.g. / etc. coudl be hindered in my configured Firefox by ClearURLs addon. Which works similiar to "Strip tracking parameters from URLs" in the stealth modul. The ClearURLs-addon has a much larger rule set.

Following this finding:
AdGuard is famous for the network level advantage. (
Which made me buy around 12 licenses for my entire family and some friends.
Now that I analysed this bevahiour I'm quite disappointed. All of the request I'm talking about can be blocked with uBlock and dynamic rules alone. No additional addon like ClearURLs needed. uBlock is not able to interfere outside of the browser and thus AdGuard should have it's advantage.
Is there a way to have the same level of protection? Otherwise it's sad, because my family can't handle uBlock in medium/hard mode. That's why I purchased many AdGuard licenses.

Where is the right place to ask for a larger rule set of "Strip tracking parameters from URLs" in the stealth modul?