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I'm a paid Adguard user.
I am trying to find an answer to the problem that I have.
How to Block Facebook Ads | Stop Advertisements on Facebook | AdGuard

What I'm going to do is to block the Stories and Rooms on Facebook's desktop UI. Like this one - they also suggested using Adguard.
How to remove Stories and Rooms in Facebook – silver mac

It used to work but now the custom rule will only work for the current session. If you refresh the page, Facebook changes the div names, and I will have to do it again.

Here's a copy of one of their HTML. Just wondering if there's any way to create a custom file that can block them forever? > div:nth-child(2) > div:first-child > div.rq0escxv.l9j0dhe7.du4w35lb > div.rq0escxv.l9j0dhe7.du4w35lb:nth-child(6) > div.du4w35lb.l9j0dhe7.cbu4d94t.j83agx80 > div.j83agx80.cbu4d94t.l9j0dhe7.jgljxmt5.be9z9djy > div.j83agx80.cbu4d94t.d6urw2fd.dp1hu0rb.l9j0dhe7.du4w35lb:first-child > div.rq0escxv.l9j0dhe7.du4w35lb.j83agx80.pfnyh3mw.taijpn5t.gs1a9yip.owycx6da.btwxx1t3.dp1hu0rb.p01isnhg:first-child > div.rq0escxv.l9j0dhe7.du4w35lb.j83agx80.g5gj957u.rj1gh0hx.buofh1pr.hpfvmrgz.i1fnvgqd.ll8tlv6m.owycx6da.btwxx1t3.ho3ac9xt.dp1hu0rb.msh19ytf > div.rq0escxv.l9j0dhe7.du4w35lb.j83agx80.g5gj957u.pmt1y7k9.buofh1pr.hpfvmrgz.taijpn5t.gs1a9yip.owycx6da.btwxx1t3.f7vcsfb0.fjf4s8hc.b6rwyo50.oyrvap6t:nth-child(5) > div.rq0escxv.l9j0dhe7.du4w35lb.j83agx80.cbu4d94t.pfnyh3mw.d2edcug0.hpfvmrgz > div.tr9rh885.k4urcfbm > div.j83agx80.btwxx1t3.taijpn5t:nth-child(2) > div.d2edcug0.e3xpq0al.v8c10jal.ejjq64ki:nth-child(2) > div.l9j0dhe7 > div.tn7ubyq0.d2edcug0.rq0escxv:nth-child(2) > div.l9j0dhe7.cxgpxx05.jbae33se.stjgntxs.ni8dbmo4.rl04r1d5.dlv3wnog.jifvfom9.owycx6da.btwxx1t3.j83agx80.gs1a9yip


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Okie, so I manage to find a similar rule from another adblocker - add these rules will block the stories and rooms elements on the desktop version of FB's website.



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Alright, so now the rule that I used a year ago does not work anymore:[data-pagelet="Stories"][data-pagelet="VideoChatHomeUnitNoDDD"]

Found that Facebook is probably working on something the way Stores and Rooms are presented on FB. Here's a temp div class to block if you don't want to see them on your Facebook on desktop browsers:

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