Block "See Reddit in..." on iOS


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I need help with custom rules to block the persistent Reddit message that pops up to try to get you to use their app instead of viewing a link in Safari. I know that you can login and uncheck "ask to open in reddit app" but since Google defaults to popping them up in AMP it doesn't even respect that setting. Anyway, it looks this this:

Example or overlay

The source looks like this:
<div><div class="UpsellModal AppSelectorModal upsell_banner" data-amp-bind-hidden="isUpsellHidden != 0" id="dismissOverlay" i-amphtml-fixedid="F0" style=""></div><div class="AppSelectorModal__body" data-amp-bind-hidden="isUpsellHidden != 0" i-amphtml-fixedid="F1" style=""><div class="AppSelectorModal__header">See Reddit in...

So I tried to add a couple of user rules:
##.upsell_banner[data-amp-bind-hidden="isUpsellHidden != 0"]

And killed safari and restarted it but I can't get rid of the overlay/popup. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong?



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Hi. When you open link using google search, the page preloaded by in non-HTML format. In this case we cannot hide.
When you refresh the page it must be hidden.