Block WebRTC IP address leaks


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I use a VPN server when for privacy and notice that the latest version of FireFox leaks several IP addresses when visiting sites such as

Leaked IP addresses include local LAN IP and public IP of local ISP gateway.

I'm not sure if Adguard is the appropriate place to block such leaks, but I thought I'd ask and get a discussion about it going.


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This is a browser level leak....I'm not too sure if Adguard can block these type of leaks but then again I wouldn't want it to do it as well.
Suppose a scenario where you have paused ur adblocker(even if it provided WEBRTC protection), the moment u paused ur adblocker it will leak.
And hence is not suggested.
What you can do is go to about:config
search for the entry 'media.peer.connection.enabled' (without the quotes) and set it to false.
This will protect u from webRTC leaks.
But it will also disable services like Firefox hello.
ur choice what u want....


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That's interesting. Added to our tasks list, we'll see if it's possible to block webrtc.


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Or simply add this rule to AG user filter:
#%#window.webkitRTCPeerConnection = undefined; window.mozRTCPeerConnection = undefined; navigator.mozGetUserMedia = undefined; navigator.webkitGetUserMedia = undefined; window.MediaStreamTrack = undefined; window.AudioContext = undefined; window.webkitAudioContext = undefined; window.RTCPeerConnection = function() {};