Blockchain Mining Detection Going Off A Lot, Starting Today


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I'm getting a whole rash of popups of the form:

<some URL> says:

AdGuard has detected that this website as a blockchain currency miner. It can create significant CPU load. Allow? <OK, Cancel>
This has been happening on roughly half of the sites that I've visited, but not all.

This started today--haven't ever seen this message before then. I'm just running the browser extension (filter Version, which seems to have been installed just about when things went nutso), running Chrome v62.0.3202.89, Mac OS 10.11.5.


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You probably have been infected with a miner extension for Chrome, or something like that. Check your chrome extensions, or try a clean install of chrome to see if it works,

AdGuard detects those miners, and they are becoming more and more common lately, but not so common to be happening in almost half of your visits. Malware infection is more probable.

Edit: Do you use SafeBrowse extension?
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