Blocking the whole damn Social Media?


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Running adguard home.. its great and can't thank enough the community running and contributing in it.

I am setting up own lists to block social media websites. It works great across the web no issues there; however;

The phone apps continue to work, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Twitter / Reddit get blocked on the apps too, not the stupid craziness invented or owned by Mr Zuckerberg.

I have tried it all by keeping a close eye on queries list. And I can see all requests being blocked but on the other hand, facebook / instagram apps just continue to work.

What the heck am I missing?


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You can check missed domains in filtering log.
Thanks Alex, I did review all queries and ensured no other device was connected to the internet than the phone. The facebook app does work without a problem. Also disabled mobile data plan to ensure device isn't using cellular dns data.

Can't understand for the life of me how could facebook be working when adguard is showing blocked domains in queries. Could it be because I haven't enabled encryption settings in adguard?


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How DNS changed on your phone? Apps can ignore DNS and proxy settings in connection properties.