, unreal amount of data saved on DNS


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Hi there! I've just installed adguard on my android phone this morning, and I love it so far. I have two issues which may be connected to each other, one of which I found info about online. I attached a screenshot of each issue.

1. requests blocked every 2-3 seconds

I've looked around and found a post on reddit which says the issue is caused by Spotify. I didn't find a way to solve it within adguard, other than by whitelisting the Spotify app which I don't want to do. All those blocked requests are probably really bad for battery life. What can I do about that?

2. Almost 1 GB of data saved on the Android DNS system apk in 4 hours

Like I said, this one may be related to the first issue. Is it? If not, can you please help me investigate what is going on?