Browser extension vs. app (Mac)


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Im have been using the browser extension for Firefox for a while on my iMac. As well I am using the app on my iPhone with a limitid license as a former Adguard Pro user. I recently bought a lifetime license and switched to the app on my iMac.

Things I observed after the switch to the app:
- pages load slower
- ESNI not supported (
Error message SSL_ERROR_MISSING_ESNI_EXTENSION while trying to open all pages
- the browser extension should act as an assistant for the app, which does not work
- the build-in assitant for the app is only working on about 50% of all webpages
That makes it less comfortable to unblock/whitelist for single webpages

Any suggestions? TIA.

Boo Berry

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A couple things...

- ESNI is still a draft and it's available as an experimental feature in Firefox (and I'd recommend not using it) so it doesn't work with AG for Windows/Mac/Android. However ESNI support is on the CoreLibs to-do list:

- Integration mode with the browser extensions should work with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. but it won't work with Safari due to extension API limitations in the browser.

For the rest, you might try using the latest AdGuard for Mac nightly build (though I suspect your issues in Firefox might be due to the experimental ESNI feature), since there's been some fixes in CoreLibs for Firefox as of late, like this:


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Thanks for your instant answer. Seems that the latest nightly build supports ESNI. Didn't get any error message with ESNI enabled in Firefox 70.0. After several install/uninstall the browser extension workst as a assistant for tha app with the blue icon. However after deactivating and reactivating the app, the icon of the extension became green again and stays green which slows down all pages a lot.

BTW: what abeout performance, memory usage: better with the app and the build in assistant enabled og with the browser extension as the assistant for the app?


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Actually, you won't notice a big difference in productivity. Whether it's using an AdGuard application, or in integration mode.
In any case, you can check this information in the Activity monitor