[Bug] Adguard Tracking Filter in Android Prevents Posting for `dcinside.com`


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As mentioned in title, enabling Adguard tracking filter does not allow me to post threads on `dcinside.com` (Korean reddit-like site)

Attached files are my settings, the log created when trying to write a post, and what I see on Android (it translates to: "Please try again sometime later").

Screenshot_20210426-180607_Firefox Nightly.jpg

When I disable Adguard Tracking Filter, and clear cache and cookie on my Android browser (Firefox and Chrome), I can write posts without problem.

Also, in desktop, I can write posts.

So, it seems like Adguard Tracking filter is messing with the scripts and/or cookies.

I'll leave you a link that you can try to write a post (TRY ON MOBILE PHONE) : m.dcinside.com/write/pebble

Here is the rough translation: Screenshot_20210426-182230_Firefox Nightly.jpg

1. Title 2. Content 3. Post (write anything, and try to post)

Here is my log file: it's too large to attach it directly: https://mega.nz/file/HQVnCCiS#xZSWOfBYMS2jIRwTOqiMQRqfg5E0AJcKQnNuhkTvPtU



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To investigate this issue we'll need you to send a report to our support team via AdGuard app. So please do the following:

Open AdGuard settings -> Support -> Send Feedback -> Incorrect blocking.

After you've filled in the form, an issue on GitHub will be created automatically. There will also be a link to monitor progress towards the solution of your problem.