[BUG & Q] AdGuard won’t work with its VPN in Integrated Mode


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I’m on iOS 15.5, but I observed this issue since at least iOS 14 - I set AG Blocker to AG implementation and the VPN to Integrated Mode and all I get is the VPN status “Connecting…” endlessly.

I can only use the Blocker and VPN app together by using Native DNS for the Blocker app, and VPN set to use AG’s own protocol.
  • I tried to remove all VPN profiles and have them recreated, to no avail.
  • I restarted my device several times after each change, nothing.
  • Both AG apps are fully up-to-date, only iOS may not be, but I don’t think this is an iOS related issue as this has been present for a while now.

On the other hand, my other question would be which mode is recommended to use? Is it:
  • Native DNS with AG VPN’s own protocol (one I’m using now), or,
  • DNS query mode, i.e., Blocker set to AG Implementation and the VPN to Integrated Mode?
I know using the Blocker app with AG Implementation and the VPN with AG’s own protocol isn’t compatible (yet). I’m trying to understand whether, e.g., using the Native DNS is enough, or are there more advantages to use AG Implementation for DNS-level blocking and use Integrated VPN mode (IPSec), although the company says their own VPN protocol is a better choice, but when I use it I lose the ability to monitor DNS queries.
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