Business Insider prompt:

I made a forum about this on AAK:

I couldn't get the the userscript to work.

Could there be a rule developed to hide this from popping up everytime?

This happens when reading any article on BI.


Code for this element:
<div class="fc-root fc-pinned-message-container"><i class="material-icons fc-close">close</i><div class="fc-pinned-message"><div class="fc-pinned-header">You’ve read 25 articles, but it looks like you’re blocking ads. </div><div class="fc-pinned-text">Business Insider UK supports the journalism you crave with advertising, and we strive to only show you ads we think you might be interested in.</div></div><div class="fc-actions"><div class="fc-link-parent infc-allow-ads"><a class="fc-link" href="#">Allow ads on Business Insider UK</a></div></div></div>
Apologies if I didn't capture the full code for this element, if it can't be reproduced, I can try to capture it again.

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Getting that detection even without any adblockers: