Can I remove the app from the notification screen

Nabil Chagou

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As I said can I remove the app from the notification screen on Android (the key on the top left) as it's a bit disturbing. Thanks!

Nabil Chagou

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Hmm i think we're discussing in two different topics. As i said, i blocked all the notifications (as you can see here but the little key is still on the top left on my screen and. I mean if you want to work according to the link, to which category (as said on the link) belongs the little key ? Thanks again ;)


@Nabil Chagou

The first one:
Tap on notifications settings

The second step:
Tap on VPN status

And the last one:
Turn off the VPN status

Nabil Chagou

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Actually, i found a solution just press the VPN status button and set the Importance to "Low: No sound or visual interruption" . The key will disappear (as seen here ) but i still have this "Android System VPN is activated by Adguard" and i couldn't find how to remove this one though. Thanks !
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