Can I use BOTH AdGuard Pro&Free to bypass 50k filter limit?


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My AdGuard Pro filter list is maxed out (47k filters). I would like to also have the malware filter enabled, but obviously not possible without disabling a bunch of my other filters due to the size of the malware filter and the 50k filter limit.

Would it work to download the AdGuard free version (with malware filter only enabled) and use it in addition to my AdGuard Pro app?


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Smart thinking, unfortunately not possible. I saw a thread that the limit of 50k is not there anymore or it can be bypassed with a new version of Adguard. Can't find the threat...

Boo Berry

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No, the 50k limit is still there with the Safari content blocker. Apple doesn't seem interested in raising that limit anytime soon.

Leo M

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Actually I use the "privacy settings" in AdGuard Pro to use Steven Black hostfiles. See:

With the "gambling" extension the hosts list can go to 66,000 entries, and it seems to work fine with no warnings. I used the "non-github link ( and AdGuard Pro picked up the subscription and updated it.

You shouldn't use AdG and AdG pro at the same time, nor should you use other Safari content blockers. I think AdG Pro covers everything. It works fine doing the above on my iPhone 6 plus and iPad Pro.

Leo M

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Hi Bruno, to my knowledge HP host has over 500 K entries, and sometimes these are false positives. Anyway 500,000 entries would bog down AdGuard especially on iOS.

I’ve used the Steven Black Unified Hosts+Gambling file for.... years. Here is the subscription link I use:

It seems that Steven Black and his team have pruned down the hosts to about 40,000 or so. Even HP hosts has had to break out and separate their lists into “extensions” as well.


Thank you very much for your response.

In fact, I was referring to hphost that you can find within Adguard Pro.
Anyway I found that having both activated stop Adguard Proto connect. It seems that total entries >100K is the limit