Can The Adguard DNS Family Protection Thingo Be Tweaked A Bit?


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Hi there,

I'm wondering if maybe the "Family Protection" feature can be kinda tweaked a bit to block specific sites that we want? The porn can stay, that's no problem, it's a coupla other sites (clogging up Google search results) that are bugging me.

Alternatively, is there some other feature which does exactly that?

What I mean is like, I'm often doing image searches (trying to learn photoshop) and sites like Pinterest and Shutterstock hogging the results is annoying as all hell. Pinterest is particularly bad, you can't see any images full size unless you join, but they're poor quality copies if you do join, and they're just constantly there in all results.

It appears im not the only one either. I've been looking for something to block their arse from my searches, and if you were to search "how do I block Pinterest from appearing in Google search results?", or words to that effect, there's literally hundreds of people asking that very thing... but no one has found a suitable solution yet.

Chrome has desktop personal blocklists, and it used to do a "-site:" (space added to remove emoticon) command thingo which could be typed in after our actual search request in the box, which worked fine on phone (albeit a bit tiresome to type in each time), but they appear to have pulled that now and it's no longer working.

So, yeah, I'm wondering if Adguard has something (that Family Protection would be ideal if it could be told to leave the pawpaw alone and we nominate the site/s) which blocks certain sites (specifically Pinterest) from coming up in Google search results? And if there isn't, there really should be... 'coz, from my observations trying to find a solution, a heck of a lotta people want something like that on phone (again, specifically for stupid Pinterest) and I'd wager people would flock here to sign up just for that alone.

Any ideas on whether or not Adguard has anything suitable or how I go about doing some kinda search result block would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. Oh, and I'm not particularly computer literate (read: I'm a total mong when it comes to 'puter/tech type stuffs - no idea, clueless!). So, please, can you maybe not use any techy type talk if replying - I'll not know what you mean and will have to go Google what you're saying to understand you... and bloody Pinterest will probably show up there too since that damn site seems to have a weird-arse crush on my phone and needs to clog the results of my Searches to sate its desire, which will just frustrate me all the more. If you were to reply like you're talking to a retard or simpleton, that'll be perfect - I'll understand you no worries then. Cheers! :)


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So, I am a newbie myself, but think you can add web sites to the user options. But that will not stop them showing up in Google searches. But you may try the negative sign in your searches. Example -pinterest to block pinterest, you can also use a +before a word to make it be in your results. Look up advance search techniques for more stuff,