Can't access to my NAS when VPN is up

I'm trying NordVPN on my NAS. I followed the official guid and it's working fine.
The biggest issue is that I can't reach my NAS anymore from my LAN. I'm not sure why the ssh connection is still up, but I can't reach the webui of any of my services and even the ping is not working. Also I can ping my notebook from the NAS.

How can I set up nord VPN so that my NAS use it as default connection, while it remain reacheble from my LAN?
just saw these posts ad can you please check and let me know if these are good enough to go with?


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A workaround would be to edit your local hosts file to hard code the hostname mynas to be associated with it's ip address.

Copy the file hosts from C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ to your desktop.

Open the file from your desktop with Notepad.

On a new line after/below everything that is already in there type... mynas

Where mynas is the hostname you currently use to access the NAS, and is the current local IP address of your NAS.

Save and close the hosts file.

Right-Click the edited hosts file on your desktop and select Copy.

In file manager navigate to the directory C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

Paste the edited hosts file here and say yes to overwrite the existing file.

Restart the computer then test.

When you try to reach a hostname, the computer will first check this file, then if it does not find a matching entry it will proceed on to check with your DNS instead, so by editing this file we in a sense create a hardcoded local DNS entry.

Keep in mind that you must update the hosts file again manually each time the NAS device IP or name changes.

This will also only affect the local computer, you must repeat the steps on any other local computer you want to also have the same hostname/ip association setup on.