Cant install https certificate on Galaxy Flip 3


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Hi all,

was was able to install the https certificate on my Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy S20 FE with no problems. But on my Galaxy Flip 3 the certificate file is not shown when I try to install it. In the Adguard App I save the *.cer file to the internal storage. Then I want to install the file but the certificate browser in the options is not showing the file. But its saved in storage.
I am very confused. Can somebody help?


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I'm having exactly the same issue with the CA certificate on my new Galaxy S22 Ultra. The .crt file is in my Downloads folder, but then it isn't seen when trying to install the certificate.


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Exactly same with Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Whether I put the cer file to the internal storage or cloud storage (Google Drive), the cer file's never shown up.


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I put in a report last week on the GitHub Android forum and received the following from them this morning:

"Is this issue still reproducible? It came to our notice that Samsung released an update for 'My files' application which helped users with similar issue."

When I checked my phone I had Samsung My Files version I checked that this was the latest update which it appeared to be. So, I uninstalled the latest My Files update and went back to Version and have now been able to install the certificate.

I have informed Adguard of the issue, but at least that is a way to get the certificate installed.


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Galaxy S21+ Android 12
Updated "My files" application
Adguard works without a problem.

A new problem has arisen.
Problems occur only when installing inside the "Samsung security folder" app.

I installed the https certificate directly inside the security folder app, but it does not recognize the certificate.

So https filtering is not working