Can't send or upload pictures on facebook (safari)


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Sorry - this doesn't work (I didn't have stealth mode active anyways, but force.split.tunnel = true doesn't work either).

I use a workaround, I made a facebook-application using Unite and exclude this app from AdGuard-filtering whenever I want to upload an image. Not nice, but works.


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Just chiming in:

I have the exact same problem using Safari and Monterey. If I use Chrome, the problem dosen't occur, and disabling Adguard entirely lets images post from Safari.

This problem seemed to have started a week or so ago.


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I am having the same problem. I have noticed other issues with Safari and Monterey, I have some issues with Google Search and Youtube, but the biggest and most consistent is Facebook. I have tried every solution suggested and the only thing that has helped was to exclude Facebook from HTTPS filtering.


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I have the exact same issue: can't post any images to Facebook, it just loads forever. I can only post if I disable AdGuard. Is there any solution to this rather than using another browser/web client app to post images?