Can't send or upload pictures on facebook (safari)


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You might have better luck posting this on the open issue on the Github issues tracker so the developers can see it.

It's been emailed to support, both on the main and personal email. It's been posted here in the forum called ' Technical Support '. It's been posted on GitHub and then closed. And then again by a mod here. Just how difficult is it to get something in front of the developers and get a response? It's not like this is a freebie and Facebook is a small site.

Absolutely terrible support.

I'm starting to think it doesn't actually work.


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I passed the information on to the developers. As soon as they make a recommendation, I'll be sure to let you know.

Sorry for the inconvenience


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Randomly I got an email from support yesterday telling me how to report a problem with a website… which is what I did before and got nowhere with which is why I ended up here.

There seems to be many ways to report something yet nothing in terms of a case number or anything like that and it’s like a black hole, nothing seems to come back out. The best we have is the moderator here saying it’s with support.

So I guess we wait to see if it will ever work.

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I think the problem is none of the developers or support staff can reproduce the issue.


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The paid version doesn't work on Facebook and Messenger on Hungarian websites, but there are loading problems on other sites as well .I only use the default settings...
I wrote to tech support two weeks ago, and then wrote again a few days ago. No response...!
On the Cyrillic site the license purchase is hassle free and fast, but support=00 !!!!
I bought the native app for everything, but I regret it now!
I'm back to using the browser extensions.


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I have been having this issue for months. Is there any news as to when the update that corrects the pproblem will be made available?