Carrier WiFi Calling tunneling - can AdGuard VPN do it?

All my mobile phones (Android), rooted or not, bypass all VPN's I tried when it comes to Carrier WiFi Calling (via unencrypted IMS). WiFi calling is always done via IPSec ePDG tunnels, which are not secure. There is also no way to fully disable Carrier WiFi Calling. Connections to 3GPP networks continue to happen even if Carrier WiFi Calling is disabled. I know AdGuard team has a discussion about it on GitHub. The only solution is a non-solution AdGuard uses now - Carrier WiFi Calling IP exclusion list.

With mysterious "AdGuard Protocol", can we expect AdGuard VPN or AdGuard AdBlocker to force-tunnel Carrier WiFi Calling via something more secure than IPSec ePDG?