CBS.COM Error Playing Any Video


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Hi - I have latest premium Adguard (for my windows 10 laptop). Up to date. I haven't changed any filters. Everything is just default and it seems to work very well mostly. But on CBS.COM it will not play videos. I get this error. If I pause Adguard or close the program entirely, it still happens. However, on my other laptop that has no Adguard, the videos will play.


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Please try to update to latest nightly ( change update channel in settings). If it is still Not working, please try to stop AdGuard service in services.msc.
If still not working then, please try to clean browser cache and disable any browser extension which may bei active.


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Ok. I changed update to nightly (unstable) then updated. It didn't work. Same error. SO then I closed adguard, it was disabled in services.msc. So then I cleaned all cookies and went to the site. Same error. If I go over to NBC, Invesgiation discovery and many others, it works beautifully blocking ads. Must be something unbreakable on What's weird is the fact that it doesn't even play videos when adguard is completely OUT of the equation and completely disabled. On both Chrome and Firefox (on this device with adguard). Anyway, no worries. I have a workaround if I ever need to use CBS. I'll just use my other laptop