Certain apps no longer refreshing or updating....


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I've had adguard installed since like May and everything was going fine until just recently and a lot of apps that I use regularly don't update unless I go into the app and there's some features in certain apps that don't even work at all

TweetCaster won't let me go into my messages inside the app.

Sometimes sending picture messages via Verizon Messages app takes a while for the other person to get it even when I'm sitting next to them.

GroupMe will load a bunch of messages all at once even tho some of them were from 20-30 minutes ago...

Among others. I've disabled the adguard, that didn't work.. I turned off adguard for that specific app in the apps management section of adguard Didn't work either.....

Am I missing something ?? I installed adguard via apk download off the website. I have a license. The app has updated itself ... Not sure how it does it since it was installed via apk.


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If they are not working even with AdGuard disabled, I'm sorry to say but it is not related to AdGuard at all. Check your connection, if it works on WiFi or Mobile data, and try resetting network settings in Android settings.