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This is a great site,has boxsets, catchup and can be watched from any country with a VPN so it is not just for UK users.
The problem is that when you try to play a video this comes up on the flash:
"Advert error
We're funded entirely by adverts. You may be running an ad blocker. You can see where we're going here...
See ad blocker FAQs"
and it has been like this for years! :(
I am keen to watch"The End of the F***ing World" without the adverts. Hope you may be keen to see this too now.:)

I have Adguard extension,and the Stealth extension and I am running all the standard filters plus annoyance and adblock filter. On a Chromebook.
Please can someone help?


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Please post urls. Standard filters vary, so please list them individually, thanks.


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I am looking for a solution to this too. Channel 4 is quite popular in the UK with some good programmes that are not available to watch on alternative sites - but the constant ad interruptions spoils the experience.

The filters I use are English filter, Spyware filter, Social media filter and Annoyances filter with the Firefox/Chrome extension on a Windows PC. All programmes appear to be affected by this.

I've tried whitelisting various HTTP requests but the programme will not play without the ads.
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