Chrome keeps locking up with Adguard


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for the past two weeks Chrome has been locking up on my PC as well as some friends who also have Adguard installed . If we remove Chrome from filtered apps and disable Adguard, all is well .
For example .
Pages load then freeze for a few seconds , you cannot click on anything , you just have to wait until it unfreezes .
This goes on and on . But disable Adguard etc and no more lock ups .
What can i try and pass on to others ?
Thanks , Col


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Try to switch off the WFP driver in AdGuard - Settings - Network - Enable WFP driver and try again.


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Thank you for the tip .
The WFP Driver wasn't enabled as i am running windows 7 . I enabled it anyway and rebooted . Chrome is running better now . Will test for a day and get back to you . Best wishes , Col


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Will this issue be fixed as its never occurred before . Or should i just keep the WFP driver enabled even though i am running Windows 7 ?


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I was having the same issue until I enabled the WFP driver in Settings -> Network. Thanks for suggesting it :)