Chromebook IPv6


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I realize that Adguard can't see the processes with Chromebook Android emulation, thus can't filter correctly. I don't blame Adguard for that. The browser extension fills in that gap, including for the chroot Linux install and its browsers, just fine. However, I did install it and ticked the option for IPv4 and IPv6 to bypass the VPN under low level settings to use the Android client as a DoH client. It partly works. I can access IPv4 sites just fine but not IPv6(I can with adguard off). This may be outside the scope here, but I was wondering if this could be fixed. If it comes down to it, I would rather forgo IPv6 than DoH on networks away from home.


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AdGuard for Android cannot filter IPv6 DNS traffic, but your case is interesting because IPv6 DNS should not be filtered. Can you send logs to, please?