Clear Statistics on main screen


Beta Tester
Hello dear AdGuard,

I've been a user for a few months and I am totally happy with your app. I've been beta-testing the 2.6 version and it surpasses all earlier versions in quality !! Congratulations !
There's only 1 thing I find annoying : you have to go to "settings" to clear statistics, which I regularly do.
In fact, once you have set up your AdGuard-app to your own customer's desire, you don't need the settings-screens anymore.
Therefore it would be great if there was a "clear statisctics"-button on the main screen, even instead of the green "licence" button on the main screen, which I never use.
I hope this is a good suggestion.
Thanks, Rik (Belgium)


Staff member
Hi Rik!

We have several possible solutions for this. We don't want to create such button on the main screen (since not very many users would be interested in it, more would be confused), but we agree that statistics reset could be more easily accessible. Short-term solution:

Long-term solution might come with Adguard for android 3.0 where we plan to perform a complete redesign, and it is very likely that something different will be chosen for that option.