Cloud sync of all settings/lists etc across devices


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Hi all,

Have been a lurker around these parts here and there, and a lifetime subscriber of the product.

I am wondering if there is any possibility to have a cloud sync feature for AdGuard on the Android platform, or all platforms for that matter.

On my AdGuard account, I have 7 devices in use, but having to export then import a backup across all devices so often is an annoyance of mine and my family.

Now it's quite possible I may have missed a note on this somewhere, but if not, could this feature be requested?

We don't use AdGuard home, just specifically on Android devices for cosmetic filtering, as for home we have Next DNS CLI on the router/modem. I did try AdGuard Home, but preferred Next DNS for whatever reason.

That said, on Android devices, AdGuard has been working well.

So the feature request:

AdGuard app to sync all settings, filter lists, custom filters, allow lists etc across all devices signed in with the same premium account.

Kindest regards


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I haven't come across anything of the sort, but if there is something I can utilize in the meantime like setting up something on a docker etc on my home server to enable this feature, I would be very interested.

Anything to make this process simpler other than just using another service, which I must admit is tempting.

Though I do feel some kind of cloud sync support would be helpful for other users too, not just myself.