Cloudflare violates users privacy


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Start off here or google yourself.
This is actually not about privacy, but about security.

We have a business account there, so we don't rely on certificates generated by them and operate in the "full-strict" mode. So, if CloudFlare is compromised, it will be a huge blow to us (and to half of the internet).

On the other hand, there are not many competitors which could replace CF, and building this infrastructure by ourselves will be simply too expensive.

Anyways, CF is used for AG websites only, it is not used for the apps backend servers (updates, license check, etc).


In this modern day anyone is able to load up a browser and throw a couple hundred words onto a web page about any topic whatsoever, the Web has virtually exploded in numbers of users and content sites, so how can you tell whether the article you’re reading is factual and relevant or revenge-vengeance related?

The Internet is crawling with poor quality contents, that solely is to give the author's a presence on the internet, (which is why one is told a thousand different things when he/she goes looking for one simple answer on Google). This issue is all too relevant when it comes to technology, it seems like everyone is a "tech blogger" or "cyber security tech" and plays as the expert these days.

Malware, ransomware, DDOS attacks, phishing and identity thefts are all on the rise as the Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M communications (M2M) is becoming more popular. These paired with the fact that it’s harder than ever to decide which content is trustworthy and accurate, inasmuch has caused many myths to arise without proper debunk.

Conflicting contents goes hand in hand with technology, the internet and cyber security. Everywhere we look, one is given multitudes of different tips, articles in a so called knowledge on how to keep ourselves or a business safe in the use of web technologies today, very few of which are relevant, factual or even being trustworthy.

That being said, we’re stuck in an ongoing loop in battles of sifting through the trustworthy and then irrelevant sources. So ignore all the clickbait, obvious exaggerations and content-revenge-churners.

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