Compatibility of Adguard with Nord or Surfshark VPN

Frank M.

New Member
I am using Adguard release (CL-1.8.276, DNS-1.6.72) on macOS 12.1. Monterey. Are there any known issues when using Adguard alongside either Nord VPN or Surfshark VPN? Do I need to apply specific settings when using AG with either said VPN?
I am yet undecided for which VPN service I'll opt - so far I used AG with PIA and had no issues, but I want to try another VPN and am unwilling to opt for AG VPN because it still leaves too much to desire.


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The only way I have found to use AG and Nord together is by turning off Threat Protection in Nord or use the OpenVPN protocols instead of the Lynx tunnel. The Lynx tunnel uses WireGuard, which I know is used in Proton. Have heard WG may be leaky but have not verified. Just trying to decide if I want to keep using Nord or not. Price is nice but IMO a bit buggy and binds to my adapter after a day or two, preventing any other outside connection. Don't know if I like that.