Constant "Threat Blocked" pop-up


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So, it's been a week I'm being forced to turn Adguard for Windows off due to, as soon as turning on my computer and logging into Windows, Adguard keeps showing the "Threat Blocked" pop-up nonstop.
Is there a way to know what is causing the blocks so I can look into it?


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AdGuard - Extensions - AdGuard Pop-up blocker - reinstall.

Restart your browser and try again.
Well, I tried delving into the problem and found out Adblock was firing up because remains of a malware on my computer was trying to access a website called from Chrome.

All I had to do was run AdwCleaner and the pop-up was gone.

Turns out Adblock was doing it's job fine by blocking all traffic to that website.

Thanks for the help TheHagasi, when I saw your reply I had already done away with the problem.