Content blocking not working / not working


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Hi, I recently installed AdGuard for Safari (11.0.2) on High Sierra.

I noticed that many (German) pages had ads or were blocked. E.g. (was blocked), reddit had adds.

I used the standard filters: English filter, German Filter, Safari Filter (all up to date).

After that I enabled "Use an old API instead of Content Blocking API" with the same filters as above. In this case everything seems to work. The only problem is, is still blocked.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit - Just noticed: youtube also has adds. What am I doing wrong?


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Thanks. I understand now that AdGuard can't do anything regarding
I also saw that the filters you posted earlier are not working anymore (since yesterday). Is there any chance to get the new filters?

As for my other problem: Why does AdGuard not work for me? Which filters should I enable? As I mentioned: If I use the new "Content Blocking API" I get many adds all over the place.

Thanks again