Cool ADGUARD days gone bye & Other mentions

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Are you glad that Adguard didn't give up in the early days in it's existence.

  1. Yes my web life is better today because of Adguard

  2. No someone else would of filled this need for me

  3. I like Ads and the Hazards of todays websurfing

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  1. Gass

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    Jan 30, 2015
    As users of the English side of Adguard we do miss something's, and if things had happened along Adguard's way before we came on board we'll have never hear of or seen them.

    So if you run across something COOL either side of the Adguard works post it here - OK....
    Thanks, Gass

    Enjoy ;)

    Adguard Wikipedia page not found in English - no where! / translated with Google

    Adguard Official Trailer 11 July 2014

    (I searched the Adguard English Blog but couldn't find this ((history capsule)) below or even a blog entry dated as the same date on it there.)
    (It's cool how Adguard Team struggled and had so many early setbacks and persevered into a company and program the world over enjoys today, and looks up to for our daily hassle-free computing on the net.)

    Adguard history from ancient times to the present day 30 мая 2014 г.

    [if words seem cutoff - refresh the page acouple of times to show in full / I had to - don't know if you need it]
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