Creating an exception rule


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Hi, how can I tell AdGuard for macOS to DON'T hide a website's "consent" overlay (the overlay that from time to time asks whether I want to use the website with adds, or whether I'd like to pay to use it without adds)?

Unfortunately I'm a complete noob with HTML, CSS and AdGuard, but looking into Safari's web inspector the thing that I need do allow is probably
But no idea how to do it.

Background: I've built a Keyboard Maestro macro that daily prints PDFs of several websites. Unfortunately some of those printed PDFs are blank if the website showed a "consent" overlay. If I could tell AdGuard to don't hide the "consent" overlays, I could then probably use AppleScript's
do javascript
to automatically click the "Allow" button.

So please, how do I tell AdGuard to DON'T hide a given element?


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You copy the rule which hides it (check filtering log) and add a @ after the first # character.