Data Limiter


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Adguard Team,

Can you please, take a look at below apps'. Both apps limit the internet's speed.

For root users:-

For non root users:-

Sir, Please implement these apps' feature in Adguard.

Why we need?
Sir, there are many people in the world, who have limited internet. But apps preload data and even request more data. Which eventually leads to data exhausting.

Why request to Adguard?
Sir, since both apps Datamore and Adguard, uses vpn mode to do work. So, we think it's easy to implement, the same.
Also, Sir, Adguard is our last hope to request to do magic for non- root users. Because there are not so many apps, which do the same

Is this feature necessary?
Sir, there are lots of people who are, just in trouble to see their internet bills. Because internet is not cheap there. So, in order to minimise, that trouble, this feature becomes necessary.

What if this feature causes bugs or others don't want this feature ?
Sir, Since there are many people who want this feature. Also, there is always feature to disable the same.
Also, you can release the feature in betas and see how much need this feature.
Because, Sir, speed of internet is increasing day by day but also the limit remains the same. Which inturn leads to increased bills on pocket. So, there is a need, people will search for limiting their mobile and wifi 's speed.
So, Sir, for the sake of those people, I am requesting here on their behalf.

Hoping Sir, you will understand. Thanks!

Attaching screenshot in which datamore dev are saying to implement wifi speed limiter soon.Screenshot_20210603-105929.png


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Yes, Sir, agreeing but this post is way a suggestion. As the app, seems to have potential. So, why not use full potential ... That we have. :D

Also, thanks for pointing. Please consider the idea for good. :)

Thanks again