desktop and android: same filters, different behavior?


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I'm trying to use the same filters both on chrome (ublock, desktop) and android (AG 2.12),
so, after reading this I added the following in chrome ublock (which should be the same as what I'm using in android):

AdGuard Base filter
AdGuard Mobile Ads filter
AdGuard Spyware filter
AdGuard Annoyances filter
(Obsolete) Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek
well, they're not the same,
for example in the page:
adblock is detected, while it doesn't on android

I'm also using ublock annoyances, badware risks, privacy, resource abuse and unbreak and some of my own filters, all of them in both locations,
why is the behavior different?

what can I do to make them more of less, "same" (in order to deploy custom filters from desktop,
because it's impossible to do so from android)?
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Sites deliver different versions to mobile devices than for desktop devices.

I can't reproduce adblock on Windows with our AdGuard app.


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well, this isn't a problem because first of all,
I can switch user agent in chrome and
tell the sites it's android,

besides that, many sites (e.g. the above example are the same) I think

I wish I could reproduce


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there is a way I think:
build your own single filter, load it in AG ignoring all other filters and
load the same in desktop, but I will need to upload it somewhere for the latter to work

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I'd recommend not using the obsolete/dead Anti-Adblock Killer | Reek filter either. It hasn't been updated in two years, and it's likely using it can/will break sites.