DHCP - no internet access


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I have a raspberry pi/linux running buster headless.
pi has static ip and bound to eth0 on a cheapy TP-Link router.
Router doesn't allow DNS server to be on the same subnet so I have to use Adguard as DHCP server.

Router: (Note: this router is behind the Satellite internet router from Hughesnet and I don't want the pi on the external router)

Adguard DHCP settings:
DHCP Interface: eth0
Gateway IP:
Range of IP addresses: -
Subnet mask:
DHCP Lease: 86400

I rebooted the pi and the router, disconnected and reconnected devices from the network (wifi disconnect reconnect) and I see hits on Adguard for devices but no internet access in connecting devices to router. I saved config in Adguard web GUI, checked for DHCP and enabled DHCP. No internet access.

What's wrong here?
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Gateway should be the router and AdGuard only acts as DNS resolver.