Difference AdGuard pro and premium

I am very satisfied of adguard free version
what is better : adguard pro or adguard premium ?
I use it only on iPad

thank you for helping me to choose



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AdGuard pro is an older version which still has the in-app ad block capabilities but is limited to 50.000 blockers.
The premium upgrade from free gives more options to add your own blocked urls/ads but doesn’t block ads in apps & has several blockers each offering 50.000 blocked urls.
I’ve stuck with the pro version.
Thank you
I found that pro version is 2. And no pro is 3.
so I delete pro and reinstall no pro
I will probably subscribe for premium

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AG Pro for iOS is in the process of being updated and will gain multiple content blockers like the non-Pro AG for iOS, among other things.
thank tou for reply
I dont see any difference between the pro and no pro version
I use the standard version because it is the latest but I will swich for the pro when a new version comes
and after I will subscribe for premium


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The key difference between these two applications is that AdGuard PRO can block ads not only in the Safari browser but also in other applications.

But the PRO version hasn't been updated for a long time. And its fate is in question at the moment. That's why it's more appropriate to buy a Premium subscription.