Difference between AdGuard and DuckDuckGo?


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So I received my invite to the DuckDuckGo beta for App Tracking Protection on Android devices. Have been using it for several days and now I'm just wondering: anyone know what is the difference between AdGuard's blocking vs DDG on Android?

I'm a paid subscriber to AdGuard and have been using it on all my devices for over a year. I'm satisfied with AdGuard, but I have to say I'm impressed with the free feature that DDG is now offering on Android. From a feature standpoint, since DDG doesn't explicitly say it blocks ads, I assume it is only offers app tracking protection as opposed to ad blocking. From a user interface standpoint, the difference is obvious: DDG shows you a nice summary of what tracking attempts it is blocking, however it reports very little in terms of details. Conversely, the AdGuard filtering log on Android reports a LOT of technical details (incomprehensible to most) and no summary level info. It would be nice if AdGuard offered a summary report.


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Kinda hard to say since I've never heard of it and I follow this stuff pretty closely.

I'd imagine Adguard is the better option due to the years of constant development. Plus I doubt DDG will fix issues and filter problems anywhere near as quickly


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this app works great with samsung browser. However, it doesn't allow adding third-party filters (not user filters). The pre-installed lists are not enough for me if possible, please add this feature. Thank you
You must be using the version on the play store. The ful version of Adguard (from the website) has so many features it's crazy. It's so good I bought 3 lifetime license's for mobile and 1 for desktop. Works way better than any extension ever could.