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Hello everyone

I'm sorry to say I do not speak Russian so I have disabled the Russian forums with the nice slide switch when I visit adguard.

Question though...

I like to drop in and click the NEW Posts section and in there I still get a lot of topics in Russian.

Is there a way to toggle this off?
If not maybe you could consider a feature or link at the top that could say..

New Posts English - New Posts Russian

Thank you for your consideration

PS. Adguard is my absolute favorit app and I own two licenses. The new forum software is also fabulous and I am eagerly awaiting to see what you guys do with adguard dns home. That one has me on the edge of my seat. :cool:


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Hello, i agrree!
Previously, with the old design, new post English/Russian was separated, but not anymore.
Auparavant, avec le nouveau design, le nouveau poste anglais / russe était séparé, mais plus maintenant.
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