Disable Yearly Auto-Renewal of Yearly Subscription


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Hey everybody!
So I've been scouring the internet far and wide for a solution, to no avail. If someone could guide me on how to disable auto-renewal of my yearly adguard subscription, that would be swell.



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cancel the Auto-Renewal of subscription right away, do not have funds to pay for this.

Josephine Kelly

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And after finding the credit card icon, it just takes me to another way to pay or to cancel the whole thing. I just want to cancel auto renewal so that I have a chance to say yes or no to it......

Boo Berry

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If you select cancel it will cancel the auto-renewal but it won't disable your license or anything until it expires (and where it'd auto-renewal).

Josephine Kelly

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Many thanks. It actually says cancel subscription which I took to mean to opt out of the program. Why do they have to make it so unclear and difficult? It doesn't make for trust which is foolish as the program is a good one which I would use continually, unless of course they hiked up the prices without telling you this either....