Disabling of Javascript cryptocurrency miners embedded on the sites


Is Adguard able to disable a forced (not asked from a site visitor) Javascript cryptocurrency miners on the sites?
For example, thepiratebay.se uses a Javascript cryptocurrency from Coinhive in order convert the CPU power of The Pirate Bay visitor's devices into Monero coins.
This leads to a dramatic increase of CPU usage and slows down browsing and decreases other factors needed for a device to work as long as possible.
More information about the Javascript code can be found here: TorrentFreak.
The user Keka_Umans from SuprBay forum has a workaround for this but I don't know if this works with Adguard too.

Also, I wondered, does adding all the filters to a hosts file has the same effect as using filters with Adguard?
I have read that Agduard uses DNS as a blocking method. I wondered, does it have any connection with the hosts file method?

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Andrey has this as an idea to detect CoinHive;

#%#document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { if (typeof CoinHive !== 'undefined') alert('CoinHive detected!') });
Try adding that to the user filter and see if it works for you. Not sure if it'll work for the browser extensions or not (likely not).

Also, this rule blocks it for me;



No work this code 18 Sep. 2017.

I get JavaScript code.

<script src="https://coin-hive.com/lib/coinhive.min.js"></script>
<script>var miner = new CoinHive.Anonymous('hjouJXuqZk51vx159qgzz47eJagKJvzR', { throttle: 0.2});miner.start();</script>

What do everyone think of virtual currency mining without prior notice?
I think virus, because without prior notice.
"Alluc shows how many hashes are mined and the site allows users to increase or decrease the CPU load, or turn the miner off completely."
Alluc.ee: ,,When being transparent about it, providing an opt-out option and rewarding the user if he chooses to let the miner run it may have the potential of making a great widget for webmasters and users alike."
Coinhive representative: ,,We don’t track where users come from. We are just providing servers and a script to submit hashes for the Monero blockchain."
"Streaming related sites such as Alluc, Vidoza, and Rapidvideo jumped on board, and torrent site Demonoid also ran some tests. During the weekend, Coinhive’s miner code even appeared on the official website of Showtime. The code was quickly removed and it’s still unclear how it got there, as the company refuses to comment. The revenue potential is also real. TorrentFreak spoke to Vidoza who say that with 30,000 online users throughout the day (2M unique visitors), they can make between $500 and $600. That’s when the miner is throttled at 50%. Although ads can bring in more, it’s not insignificant."
"Some people have coded new browser add-ons to block miners specifically and the popular uBlock Origin added Coinhive to its default blocklist as well. Needless to say, this limits the number of miners, and thus the money that comes in. In addition to ad-blockers, anti-virus tools are also flagging Coinhive. Malwarebytes is one of the companies that lists it as a malicious activity, warning users about the threat."
Deimos: ,,The problem I see there and the reason we will likely discontinue [use of the miner] is that some anti-virus programs block it, and that might get the site on their blacklists."
Vidoza operator Eugene: ,,All the blocking is an unwelcome development and I hope that Coinhive will tackle it. Coinhive may want to come out in public and start to discuss the issue with ad-blockers and anti-virus companies. They should find out under what conditions all these guys will stop blocking the script (under what conditions Adguard will stop blocking the script?)."
"The other option would be to circumvent the blocking through proxies and circumvention tools, but that might not be the best choice in the long run."
(Adguard blocking functionality can be disabled by using proxies and VPNs. I wonder what can Adguard do to block ads when proxies and VPNs are used? And what are the circumvent tools?).
Coinhive team: ,,Providing a real alternative to ads and users who block them turned out to be a much harder problem. Coinhive, too, is now blocked by many ad-block browser extensions, which – we have to admit – is reasonable at this point. We’re a bit saddened to see that some of our customers integrate Coinhive into their pages without disclosing to their users what’s going on, let alone asking for their permission."
"Most complaints have been targeted at sites that implemented the miner without the user’s consent. The crypto miner provider is working on a new implementation that requires explicit consent from website visitors in order to run."