Disconnect.me vs AdGuard


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Hi there

I’m using the Disconnect.me service for a while now. Seeing AdGuard and the DNS lists I’m asking myself if I have to add all connections I don’t like to the block list? I don’t get the AdGuard system fully yet.

E.g. if I see connection to Adjust.com, is it blocked by default? If yes, why put it on the block list? If not, why not as I don’t want to spend time to check the list and block connections as I don’t know all and of course there’re new every now and then.

Thanks for the explanation in advance!


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Hm ok, no ones really interested of getting a new customer. So I’ll stay with the good existing one.

See you next year perhaps.


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Hello there, sorry for the late reply.

AdGuard initially has a specific list of sites that we do not filter and they are on the default whitelist.
This list includes banking sites and services, as well as some domains.

All other sites are filtered out, but you can add them to the white list if you want.